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Reasons Why Braden Holtby is AWESOME

I have been a fan of Braden Holtby since the day he was drafted in 2008. I was lucky enough to get to see his first full NHL start and second NHL win on Nov. 7th against the Flyers! If you’re wondering why I think he’s so awesome, I’ll give you some examples:

1. Holtbyisms

Russian Machine Never Breaks has already done a post on Holtbyisms, but I felt the need to bring it up again! It’s just so intricate and wonderful, and it works! Here are two videos RMNB found:

My favorite part is the squat.

It was amazing to see him do his routine in Caps gear at the Verizon Center, while the fans around me were loudly wondering what the heck he was doing in the crease.

2. His “I’ll throw myself far out from the crease and see what happens” style of play.

This video speaks for itself:

3. His facial hair

4. Aaaaand I will leave you with this.



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