My Top 5 Capitals Moments of 2010: Number 5

I’ve decided to do a mini series of five posts: my top five Caps moments from 2010! As a fan, it was an awesome year (except for the playoffs, of course). I had some crazy experiences, and wanted to share them!


NUMBER FIVE: Capitals Convention

I was lucky enough to attend the 2010 Caps Convention as a season ticket holder this year! I went to the first one, and had an amazing time. It was the first time I wore my Alex Semin jersey, and I somehow ended up in his (and Nylander’s) autograph line!

As you may have seen, I loved this convention just as much as the one in 2009. It was so much more crowded, but everyone there was truly excited to be there. The panels were HILARIOUS. I never knew that Tomas Fleischmann had a sense of humor, or that the only food he knew how to order for his first month in the US was chicken. It was so interesting to hear from the family members of the players and see how proud David Steckel’s dad was of his son. The Winter Classic jerseys were revealed, jokes were made, and the Caps community felt closer than ever.

It was amazing to hear the giant rooms of the Washington Convention Center echo with chants of  “LET’S GO CAPS” and see the smiles on the players’ faces. That is, if you could see through the crowds surrounding them – they’ve definitely become local celebrities!



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