Responses and Excellent Twitter Days!

SO. Thank you guys all so much for watching the video!! As of now, we have over 130 views. Definitely did not expect that! Of course, there were a few other unexpected things that went down this evening.


Basically, Karl Alzner is awesome. I tweeted that I would buy the jersey of whichever player replied first – Carlson, Alzner, and I threw in Green to see if he was still alive. As you can see, Alzner responded! It kind of really made my day. Granted, now I have to find $130 so I can actually buy the jersey, so it might take a bit of time! Hopefully, I can get a Winter Classic Alzner jersey!


If you’re reading this now, chances are you might have either seen this already, but this was super unexpected, and using Russian Machine Never Breaks‘s hashtag, #awesome. This is the reason why our video has all of those views! We are both so ridiculously grateful and happy about the responses we’ve received! Hopefully, we can keep up the videos through the busy school year/Caps season, and get better at making them!

Also, Mike Vogel, if you’re reading this (haha, yeah right), we hope you liked it too!


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