Clearly, I suck at blogging. I had a whole series planned out, and then BAM, college applications. Now I’m currently attending Wheaton College in Massachusetts, where I haven’t been able to keep up with the Capitals as well as I used to. I can’t watch most of the games, I haven’t been consistent with Twitter, and I’m not able to pop over to Kettler for the occasional practice watching/player stalking. I feel incredibly disconnected as a Caps fan not living near DC.

It hasn’t been all bad, though. When I come home on breaks, I am fortunate enough to be able to attend games most of the time. The Capitals played (AND BEAT) the Bruins in the first round of the playoffs, so nearly all of the TVs around campus had the games on. Granted, when I wore my Caps jersey after the series ended, I got tons of dirty looks and a few groans and honks on my walk to Walgreens. It’s been so different to be surrounded by people who wear black and yellow instead of red.

I feel like a bad Caps fan for not keeping up with hockey news and games this season, but I’ve realized that it’s a lot harder when you turn on the tv and there’s a different team playing. Hopefully the Caps will still be in the playoffs by the time I get home (please please please don’t let me jinx it…) and I’ll be able to be in Caps country once again. I may not be as intense about it after leaving, but I know that I will always be a Capitals fan at heart.

And about that whole posting on this blog consistently… Haha, we’ll see.


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My Top 5 Capitals Moments of 2010: Number 5

I’ve decided to do a mini series of five posts: my top five Caps moments from 2010! As a fan, it was an awesome year (except for the playoffs, of course). I had some crazy experiences, and wanted to share them!


NUMBER FIVE: Capitals Convention

I was lucky enough to attend the 2010 Caps Convention as a season ticket holder this year! I went to the first one, and had an amazing time. It was the first time I wore my Alex Semin jersey, and I somehow ended up in his (and Nylander’s) autograph line!

As you may have seen, I loved this convention just as much as the one in 2009. It was so much more crowded, but everyone there was truly excited to be there. The panels were HILARIOUS. I never knew that Tomas Fleischmann had a sense of humor, or that the only food he knew how to order for his first month in the US was chicken. It was so interesting to hear from the family members of the players and see how proud David Steckel’s dad was of his son. The Winter Classic jerseys were revealed, jokes were made, and the Caps community felt closer than ever.

It was amazing to hear the giant rooms of the Washington Convention Center echo with chants of  “LET’S GO CAPS” and see the smiles on the players’ faces. That is, if you could see through the crowds surrounding them – they’ve definitely become local celebrities!


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Winter Classic Recap: I LOVE THE OUTDOORS

So, if you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming that you saw the Winter Classic, so I don’t really feel the need to recap that very much. In short, Caps fans are awesome, Mike Knuble and Eric Fehr are awesome, all of the Caps players are awesome, and Sidney Crosby sucks.

The day before the Classic, the players got to test out the rink for their practice. Jason Chimera was mic’d up, and the results were absolutely wonderful:


(Okay, so I tried to embed it, but I’m not so great with all this HTML internet crap, soooo just click the link! It’s awesome!)

And in return for not being able to embed the video and make this blog post (one of the few, I know) beautiful, I present this gem to you:

(Thanks to @ovifan8 for finding this, my life would not be complete without it. PS follow him if you aren’t already! PPS juss doooo et)

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Marcus Johansson has the best night of his life

1. He got an assist and ended up +1.

2. More importantly, he got a kiss from Andrew Gordon because of that assist.

Post kiss giggles

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Reasons Why Braden Holtby is AWESOME

I have been a fan of Braden Holtby since the day he was drafted in 2008. I was lucky enough to get to see his first full NHL start and second NHL win on Nov. 7th against the Flyers! If you’re wondering why I think he’s so awesome, I’ll give you some examples:

1. Holtbyisms

Russian Machine Never Breaks has already done a post on Holtbyisms, but I felt the need to bring it up again! It’s just so intricate and wonderful, and it works! Here are two videos RMNB found:

My favorite part is the squat.

It was amazing to see him do his routine in Caps gear at the Verizon Center, while the fans around me were loudly wondering what the heck he was doing in the crease.

2. His “I’ll throw myself far out from the crease and see what happens” style of play.

This video speaks for itself:

3. His facial hair

4. Aaaaand I will leave you with this.


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Mike Green is back for realsies!

… And is falling all over the place.

Just kidding, he made some good plays, but the most memorable move seemed to be his spectacular fall:

Thanks to the awesome blog Russian Machine Never Breaks for posting that video.

Seriously, just keep clicking on 0:01. I did it for about 5 minutes and it still hasn’t gotten old!


PS- I PROMISE that Lisa and I will do another video post sometime between now and November 7!

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Wheel of Fortune: How Many Games for Rypien?

This isn’t Caps related… But it’s a must see! Oh, anger management.


PS- Sorry there have been no posts in, like, forever! It’s my senior year, which equals stress until after January 15th. Woooo! I’ll try to post more! Also, I couldn’t record a video this weekend due to my lack of voice. It’s actually pretty funny, sorry you all didn’t get to hear it.

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